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Back ground of tabito

1. The factory produce tabito was founded in 1964.
and mainly manufactures sports shoes.

2. We crate "last" as wooden tabi shape
Pursuing comfortable fit, as original made

3. The toe part, which is also a feature of tabi, has a three-dimensional structure called pulling over method.
This manufacturing method is also one of the factors that create a comfortable fit.

4. The manufacturing method that connects the upper and sole is a
compression type "cemented process" that uses a special adhesive.
That makes shoes tough, and re-sole available with this manufacturing method.

5. Sewing, Sole compressing, it's all under the special quality checked

6. Put in the Dress Box all After passed Quality Check.
tabito Original Dress Box has continued pattern on it
Collection of tabito keeps you enjoy, the message from designer.


We ship out within 2 working days from your purchased
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IF it gets wet in the rain

Please read about how to maintain
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