The factory produce tabito was founded in 1964 and mainly manufactures sports shoes.
It is a Japanese factory that supply high quality shoes for various professional athletes.

Around 2000, it was 22 years ago, that I first met this factory. It was the timing when the president of the factory created tabi shoes as the factory's original shoes.He was very passionate and was willing to expand his tabi shoes into the sports industry.

It is designed for athletes to train, and it also has evolved steadily for comfort and foot health.
At first, I was one of the fans wearing the shoes myself, Over the years, I began to want to sell this shoe not only in the sports field, but also in the fashion field.

The current design doesn't work as fashion, so I wanted to make and sell an original design. I asked the president from around 2018, but the answer was no.He wanted to sell in the sports field, so he didn't understand the fashion field.

The answer I came up with was to launch and sell a brand for sale as fashion brand.

As a result of going to the factory for training for 3 months and continuing to convey enthusiasm around 2019 to gain understanding, We have finally received approval for manufacturing. And the brand tabito was born.

I wanted to create a comfortable and timeless design that I could wear on a daily life, so I tried to get idea and modified vintage design, the fusion of Japanese and mode, and the comfortable. I wanted to expand it to a wide range of people who like fashion regardless of gender or age. Tabi of tabito also has the meaning of “journey” in japanese, so I would like you to wear it as a comfortable tool to bring when you are traveling. When designing, I'm mainly inspired by sneakers from the late 80's and 90's.

In 1st Collection, we have a lineup from low cut to high cut based on 80's military shoes.
The first item I made was the high-cut model Brace Trainer, which I have special feeling. I thought that putting a zipper inside the high cut would make it easier to wear and, it is also iconic. I also start thinking what sustainable is, so I am developing such a series. As a material, airbags are reused from discarded cars and it’s for the upper part of shoes. It takes a lot of time and effort to clean, dye, and disassemble the airbag with oil.

Since every manufacturing process is involved, we can’t make it without the trust of the factory.

This 2nd Collection is inspired by 90's sneakers. Colors reminiscent of the Japanese street scene of the 90's and designs image of basketball shoes have also been incorporated. We have also developed an original sole for the new model, so please pay attention to the difference in the sole. In the sustainable series, I reuse deer leather, which is abundantly discarded in Japan. With more variations, I would like you to enjoy it according to various styling.